Hello Alyssa,

As we discussed, berberine is out but remember to keep it on hand at usual! continue to take your digestive aid at least 3x a day, especially with high carb meals.

MEAL ONE :I added almond butter to the menu,  and slightly increased oatmeal and added a slice of Turkey bacon for MEAL ONE.

MEAL 2 OR POST WORKOUT : You can move a chicken meal with post workout depending on the time of day you work out but have the salmon after your workout

VEGGIES: If you find trouble digesting the zucchini or if it makes you bloat, you can exchange it for cucumber.

YOU EARNED A CHEAT MEAL! Congratulation’s! try something like a pizza or a a cheesy pasta dish (consume berberine and digestion aid with this meal)

Your calories went from 1470 – 1680. The idea is to keep you feeling great and energetic for these next 3 weeks and to keep you lean enough to make peak week a breeze!

REMEBER: At least One gallon day and 12-16oz of water per meal


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